A Customised Solution from Platinum Freight Management

If your business is involved in importing goods from overseas to New Zealand, more than likely your business commenced with small shipments that may have arrived with DHL, FEDEX or UPS; then as your shipments grew, you would have moved to sea freight Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipments before you reach Full Container Loads (FCL). 

Sending goods by FCL is 1) the most cost-effective method for importers, as the whole FCL is dedicated to your stock; after your supplier overseas closes the container doors and seals the container, 2) there are minimal reasons why the container doors need to be opened before you see the FCL, 3) you are not sharing space with other importers cargo, 4) your container does not need to be devanned at the unpack depot to separate your goods from other importers cargo and 5) there is less chance of damage and or theft as you have more control over the movement of the FCL. 

Shipping by FCL is the most efficient and cost-effective way to move large bulky stock; FCL shipping provides you with a secure solution.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of shipping FCLs to New Zealand and how Platinum® can assist your business streamline the supply chain and importation process.



One of the most significant advantages of importing FCLs is that it is cost-effective; you are able to ship a FCL filled with your stock from point A to point B. A FCL could hold up to say approximately 20,000 kilograms of stock. FCL shipments do not carry hidden costs or surprises, such as movement charges from the wharf to the unpack depot, devanning costs and exorbitant storage costs at the LCL unpack depot. FCL imports allow you to enjoy economies of scale on your purchase.


Better control over your cargo

FCL shipments offer you better control than the alternative Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipments. When you receive cargo as LCL, you have no control over how long it will take to unpack the consolidated container and you have no control over the forklift operator who deconsolidates the container. When you receive FCLs in New Zealand, you are in control from when the container has been unloaded from the vessel [subject to the NZCS and the MPI directions].


Faster transit times

Shipping by FCL versus LCL will save you at least 5-7 calendar days. Your FCL container can move from the wharf to the Approved Transitional Facility (ATF) for the MPI inspection before being delivered to your site.  5-7 calendar days can make a big difference in business [especially when your end customer requires their stock].


Flexibility to meet market demand

One of the most significant advantages of FCL shipping is that it will offer your business the flexibility to meet your end customer’s demands. When you ship a FCL you can import enough stock to carry you forward before the next replenishment order needs to be placed. As shipping costs can increase at peak periods, importing by FCL can allow you to import stock at off-peak shipping periods; allowing you take advantage of economic factors.


Platinum Freight Management

When you partner with a trusted freight forwarder like Platinum®, we are able to assist you with a seamless FCL import process. We can customise your shipments, advising you of options (fast routes or slower routes) and then a reliable delivery. As a value-added service, we work with your overseas supplier and yourself to ensure that all of the shipping paperwork is correct before the FCL departs from overseas. We also ensure that the paperwork we must submit to the NZCS and the MPI is legible, valid and correct.



In conclusion, FCL imports are ideal for businesses that import large, bulky or heavy products from overseas. When you choose to ship a FCL, 1) you will enjoy control over your cargo, 2) faster transit times, 3) increased flexibility and 4) overall cost savings. Most importantly, partnering with a trusted freight forwarder like Platinum®, will assist you in streamlining your importing supply chain. Importing FCLs will save your delivery-to-market timing, and money and will ensure a reliable supply chain journey for your goods. Contact Platinum® New Zealand today to learn more about how we can customise your FCL imports to better suit your needs.