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The importing and customs clearance process can quickly become overwhelming and confusing when attempting to have your goods shipped internationally. Then customs cleared through the New Zealand border. This is where Platinum® can assist you. Platinum® is a customs brokerage and freight forwarder. Customs clearance and freight forwarding is what we do best. We are aware of the issues before they even arise. We can guide and monitor your imports en route to New Zealand. Your shipments are safe when you rely upon Platinum® and our experienced customs clearance professionals.

Whether you need to rely upon Platinum® for shipping your goods from overseas to New Zealand, customs clearance through both the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS] and the Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI], unpacking your Full Container Load [FCL] or delivering your goods from the terminal, depot or wharf [and everything in between]; Platinum® can ensure that you experience a seamless and stress-free importing process. Our goal is always to make the importing journey a smooth and hassle-free experience.


Customs clearance is a vital aspect of all import shipments to New Zealand. A customs broker will need to submit the data to both the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS] and the Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI] to determine any payable taxes and also to make sure that the goods have been risk assessed through both of these two government departments. Whether you are an individual or a business importing goods into New Zealand, a customs clearance must be performed if the goods are over $1000 NZD. The customs clearance process requires us to submit all shipping and supporting documents to the NZCS and the MPI. Our team of customs brokers are well-versed in handling the paperwork, customs clearance and queries that arise, ensuring you an efficient and prompt customs clearance for your goods.


Whether you import small sea freight shipments known as Less than a Container Load [LCL] or larger sea freight shipments known as a Full Container Load [FCL]; Platinum Cargo® will monitor your shipment from the place of departure overseas through to New Zealand. Sea freight LCL is cost-effective if you have smaller sea freight shipments, but FCL is the most economical way to import to New Zealand (if you have enough cargo to fill a FCL). If you have a LCL shipment, your cargo will share space with other importers inside the container. If you have a FCL shipment, the FCL will only contain your cargo. Platinum Cargo® can customs clear both Less than a Container Load [LCL] and Full Container Load [FCL] shipments through both the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS] and the Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI].


Whenever you have air freight cargo arriving in New Zealand, it is extremely important that the cargo is pre-cleared before arrival, as the airline cargo terminal will commence storage within a very short time after arrival. Platinum Cargo® works seven days a week, liaising with both your overseas supplier and yourself to make sure that all of the paperwork is correct before submitting the customs entry to both the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS] and the Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI]. Once the air freight cargo arrives at the terminal, it will be checked in and then either you can collect the goods or Platinum Cargo® can deliver to you. Our expertise in customs clearing air freight cargo stems from over 23 years of experience and processing many air freight customs clearances.


Our experienced customs brokers are a key part of the import clearance process; our customs brokers need to collate all of the import paperwork and prepare the data for both the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS] and the Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI]. Your Platinum® customs broker plays a critical role in the import process; with over 23 years of experience, we take great pride in collaborating with importers to ensure the importing and customs compliance journey is smooth. Your Platinum® customs brokers possess extensive knowledge of the Act and Regulations set forth by the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS]; we utilize this experience to assure you a seamless customs clearance.


If you have a parcel arrive through the mail network and if the parcel is over $1000 NZD you will receive a letter from New Zealand Post advising that your parcel has been held for customs entry. You will have two options 1) to allow New Zealand Post to customs clear your package for $60* plus any import taxes and an entry fee or 2) to ask Platinum Customs® to process the customs clearance on the same day. Whenever you deal with Platinum® you will only deal with one contact from our company; we have a One Touch™ policy where every Platinum® customer only has one point of contact. Platinum® is unable to pre-clear New Zealand Post shipments as we need to wait until the New Zealand Post letter has been received by you. Platinum® knows that having the New Zealand Post mail article processed by us is a simple and hassle-free experience. Platinum® provides a prompt and cost-effective customs clearance service to allow your mail articles to be processed and released. Our team of experienced customs brokers will be able to have your mail article processed quickly so that the parcel can continue en route to you.


Our Platinum® team offers you professional customs clearance advice; if time permits, we will provide this advice before you purchase the goods from your overseas supplier. Platinum® understand that in more cases than not we are contacted after the goods have been purchased and sometimes after the cargo has already arrived in New Zealand. Platinum® assists you by informing you of the issues that they may not be at your forefront. Our aim is always to make sure that your cargo is travelling safely and processed through the border promptly. We believe that if you are well-informed, you can make decisions that could reduce costs and avoid complications. With our extensive knowledge of the global import and export industry, Platinum® is able to provide you with advice based on current facts, ensuring that you receive accurate guidance.


Platinum® is your all-in-one solution for whenever you ship, import or require a customs clearance for goods arriving into New Zealand. Platinum® provides services that include customs clearance, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, air cargo imports, sea freight imports, New Zealand Post mail articles and importing advice.

Our clients rely upon Platinum® to handle their shipments with efficiency and ease, we are able to provide them with a timely and cost-effective solution. Connect with Platinum® to discover how we can assist your business when importing goods to New Zealand.

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