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Welcome to Platinum Logistics®. Logistics involves the forward planning process of moving goods from point A to point B and addressing all of the concerns and possible delays that may incur along the way. With over 25 years of experience in the logistics industry, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with meticulous forward planning foresight for whenever they need to move commercial cargo from overseas through to New Zealand.


Why Choose Platinum Logistics®?


Overseas supplier relationships 

We work closely with your overseas supplier and yourself; we work together to address all issues and concerns before the goods depart from overseas. We need to rely upon your overseas supplier as they are ‘one piece of the puzzle’ that allow the puzzle to be complete. They will manufacture your goods, package the goods and more than likely ship the goods to New Zealand. The three of us put together have a common goal of making sure that your cargo travels through the logistics chain smoothly and without any delays. We are able to communicate with your overseas supplier and break through any communication barriers. 


Customs Clearance Expertise

Our team of customs clearance brokers understand both the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS] and the Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI] requirements and regulations. We are able to navigate the complex customs clearance process easily. Platinum® always researches possible cost savings and ensures compliance. In the event of an audit, customs clearances made with the New Zealand Customs Service need to be retained for seven [7] years.


Seamless Integration with Platinum Logistics®

Whenever you need to move your commercial goods from overseas to New Zealand, you can rely upon Platinum Logistics® to forward plan the logistics path for your cargo on your behalf. By relying upon Platinum Logistics®, you benefit immediately from our 25 years of experience in integrating together with your overseas supplier and yourself.


Flexible Delivery Options

With Platinum Logistics®, we are very aware that the airline terminal, port and sea freight depot charges storage after the goods arrive. Platinum® needs to make certain that all issues have been taken care of before the goods arrive into New Zealand to save on storage costs. As you can see it is very important that you involve Platinum® early in the process [ideally before you purchase the goods from overseas]. If Platinum® is involved late in the process, this means that Platinum® was not able to forward plan and mitigate the issues before they arise.

Once your cargo has arrived and is available for collection and delivery, Platinum Logistics® is happy for either you to collect the goods from the airline terminal or sea freight depot or if you prefer we can deliver the goods to your commercial address. If you have imported a Full Container Load [FCL], due to the Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI] requirements, we would collect the FCL from the port and address all MPI concerns before either your transport company collects the FCL or we could on-forward to you.


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