The Ultimate Guide to Hand Carried Imports into New Zealand with Platinum®

Navigating the customs clearance processes at international airports can be challenging, especially if you hand-carry commercial or business goods to New Zealand. This is where Platinum® comes into play.

With over 23 years of experience, Platinum® have mastered the process of customs clearing hand-carried imports into New Zealand, ensuring that you experience a smooth transition from disembarking the plane, clearing New Zealand customs and departing the terminal.

Hand Carried Imports

Every calendar day, from Monday through Sunday, international airports in New Zealand process thousands of passengers arriving from overseas. Some passengers travel abroad for business and return to New Zealand with hand-carried commercial or business goods. Platinum® regularly assists  jewellers who hand carry diamonds or gold jewellery, film and camera crews who arrive into New Zealand for the purpose of filming a movie or commercial and overseas businesses who have sent their employees to Australia with samples for sale.

Platinum® has simplified the customs clearance process for hand-carried imports arriving at New Zealand airports for over two decades. We ensure that our clients can swiftly leave the airport with the stock that they are carrying. There have been countless instances where passengers have not know about Platinum® and have telephoned our office to advise that they have just arrived at the first New Zealand airport and have cleared customs at the first port of entry but are unable to board their next flight as their stock or their goods have been detained for a customs clearance and tax assessment.

Platinum® always aims to process a pre-clearance before the passenger departs from the overseas airport heading to New Zealand. We email the customs release to the passenger while they are overseas and then they print the paperwork to show New Zealand customs officer upon arrival.

Hand Carried Exports

Just as hand carried imports require processing through the ABF upon arrival, some goods need to be declared before being exported from Australia. Platinum® can typically process the Export Declaration Number (EDN) within an hour of receiving all of the necessary paperwork.