Importing Adult Store Items

Several factors must be taken into account when importing adult store items to New Zealand. Import regulations and restrictions can vary significantly from country to country, making thorough research essential before placing any orders.

Many items operate on batteries, which are classified as dangerous goods in the shipping industry. It’s best to ship these items without batteries unless your supplier can provide the correct paperwork for international shipping.

Having a reliable and efficient customs broker is crucial to ensure that your products arrive on time and in good condition. With these considerations in mind, import professionals possess the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate this complex market successfully. That’s where a reputable customs specialist like Platinum® Freight Management can assist.

Why Choose Platinum® Freight Management to Import Your Adult Products to New Zealand?

It’s crucial to select a logistics partner with the experience and expertise to handle these shipments reliably and securely.

At Platinum®, we bring over 24 years of import logistics experience, making us an ideal choice for your business. Our comprehensive import and customs clearance services cover all aspects, including:

  • Checking import paperwork before arrival into New Zealand
  • Assessing goods against possible Free Trade Agreements
  • Tariff classification
  • Customs entry preparation and lodgement
  • Biosecurity compliance
  • Final delivery to your commercial premises

Our in-house import experts can assist with your enquiries and provide custom-tailored solutions for your unique needs.

For safe and reliable importation of adult store items, look no further than Platinum®. We ensure that your shipment arrives quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

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Types of ADULT PRODUCTS That You Can Import

At Platinum®, we can assist you in importing the following adult store items into New Zealand:


  • Adult toys
  • Adult clothing
  • Adult store items
  • Adult novelties [including edible items]

    Adult Toys

    When importing adult toys, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. It’s crucial to research the New Zealand regulations and restrictions that apply to these products. One of the first issues to consider is the New Zealand power supply requirements for any electrical items. With careful planning and the right partners, importing adult toys can be a rewarding business venture.

    Adult Clothing & Costumes

    Importing adult clothing and costumes can enhance your business offerings. All clothing imported must meet specific labelling requirements. Liaising with your customs broker early in the purchasing or manufacturing process can help address these issues effectively.

    Adult Store Items

    When importing adult store items to New Zealand, several factors need to be considered. First, choose reputable suppliers known for producing high-quality products. Additionally, ensure compliance with New Zealand’s import regulations to avoid any legal complications.

    Adult Novelties [including edible items]

    Importing adult novelties involves specific considerations, such as quality standards and the best shipping methods. Some adult novelties may be classified as food, requiring Biosecurity clearance. Addressing these important factors early on is crucial for the success of your business venture. Thorough research and proactive planning can ensure a smooth import process from start to finish.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About
    Importing ADULT PRODUCTS

    Can I import adult store items into New Zealand?

    You can import adult store items to New Zealand under your personal or business name, with the same fees and charges applied to both.

    • Small Shipments: For smaller shipments, express courier companies like DHL or FEDEX are ideal.
    • Larger Shipments: Time-sensitive larger shipments can be sent as general air cargo.
    • Other Shipments: For non-urgent larger shipments, sea freight cargo is a suitable option.

    Choose the shipping method that best fits your needs to ensure a smooth import process.

    What type of adult store items cannot be brought into New Zealand?

    Most adult store items can be imported to New Zealand without issue. However, edible products may present challenges if specific requirements are not addressed before importation. Additionally, any items made from wood, plant material, exotic skins, or feathers may pose complications and incur extra expenses. Ensure you address these considerations early to avoid delays and additional costs.


    What do you need when importing adult store items to New Zealand?

    In any successful import transaction to New Zealand, three key parties are involved:

    • Your Supplier
    • Your Customs Broker
    • Yourself

    These three parties collaborate to ensure the international transaction proceeds smoothly. The basic paperwork required includes:

    • Invoice
    • Packing list
    • Shipping papers
    • Photos of the unpackaged items

    By working together and ensuring all documentation is in order, you can facilitate a seamless import process.

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