If your business is involved with shipping and importing goods to New Zealand, you will know how important it is to comply with the New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS) regulations and the cargo collection procedures (all within a short time frame to avoid storage costs). Customs clearance can be complex and tedious, especially for those unfamiliar with the importing process. 

Customs brokers like Platinum Freight® can assist you in navigating the customs laws and requirements, all while minimising delays and maintaining high compliance with the regulations. In this blog post, we will explore why hiring a Platinum Freight® customs broker is a smart choice when you are attempting to achieve a smooth and compliant customs clearance process.


Who are Platinum Freight® customs brokers?

Platinum Freight® is a leading customs brokerage and freight forwarder in New Zealand. Our team consists of experienced and qualified customs brokers who deeply understand the customs regulations; ensuring that your shipment meets all  of the requirements before being released from the NZCS. 

We work closely with you to manage the entire customs clearance process, commencing with the documentation your overseas supplier provides, through checking the shipping papers, compiling the customs clearance and then arranging collection or delivery of your goods – all while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


What services do Platinum Freight® customs brokers provide?

Platinum Freight® customs brokers offer a wide range of services, aiming to assure a smooth customs clearance process. We are responsible for analysing the complex import contracts, assigning a harmonised classification to your goods, collating the documentation, and coordinating with the airfreight cargo terminal, the sea freight depot, or the wharf. We also need to retain your documentation in the event that the NZCS audits your import transaction. 

We have an in-depth knowledge of customs regulations and over twenty-five years of experience in handling complex customs-related transactions. Our experience and expertise in customs clearance provides you with certainty that you and your shipment are in safe hands.


How can Platinum Freight® customs brokers assist my business?

Connecting with a Platinum Freight® customs broker can provide you with numerous benefits for your business. Firstly, we ensure that you comply with the customs regulations, minimising the risk of penalties and audits.  

When you are compliant, there is less of a need for the NZCS to audit your shipment; this in turn allows your goods to be released and made available for delivery and sale. Platinum Freight® is able to advise you on the ever-changing import regulations and other customs-related topics that will affect you and your business, such as Anti-Slavery legislation and making sure that your goods are compliant with this legislation.


What sets Platinum Freight® apart from other customs brokerages?

Platinum Freight® is a customs brokerage that offers tailor-made solutions to our importing clients. We understand the complex and ever-changing and evolving logistics and freight landscape. 

Our team remains up to date with continuous professional development, compliance matters, trends, technology and regulations, ensuring that your business remains up to date. We have an earnest reputation for providing quality service and professionalism, ensuring that your shipments progress smoothly from the very beginning to the finish.


What is the process to connect with Platinum Freight® customs brokerage?

When you are ready to connect with Platinum Freight®, please telephone us or contact us from our website: we will be happy to hear about your project and then provide you with a detailed costing before you sign on as a Platinum® customer. 

Platinum Freight® is the only customs brokerage offering One Touch™; you will only ever deal with one person from Platinum Freight®; other customs brokerages will have you dealing with up to at least five people during the transaction. 

You will be assigned a dedicated customs broker to guide you through the entire customs clearance journey, ensuring you understand everything you need to know. Your Platinum® customs broker is always just a telephone call or email away and they are ready to handle any challenges that arise during the customs clearance process. One Touch is an extremely unique service offered by Platinum®



Customs clearance can be a daunting and complicated process, but just as you are the best at what you do, Platinum® is the best at what we do – customs clearance. As you rely upon a Platinum Freight® customs broker, you will encounter a smooth and hassle-free experience. We have the expertise, technology and network, which will have your import shipment processed expeditiously. 

Our team of customs professionals will handle all of the details, ensuring high compliance, faster customs clearance, minimal logistic headaches and a more predictable outcome. If you are seeking a Platinum® experience in regard to customs clearance, don’t hesitate to contact a Platinum Freight® customs broker today!