If you are an importer in New Zealand, you would be well aware that importing goods from other countries is a complex process that involves many stages. One of the most critical factors is the transportation method and the second critical factor is the transportation costs from your supplier’s port of departure through to your port of arrival. Therefore, finding a reliable freight forwarding service to handle your imports is crucial. 

A reliable freight forwarding service can assist you in saving time, reducing costs, and minimising the risk of receiving damaged goods. In this blog post, we will outline three reasons why you need a reliable freight forwarding service for your cargo travelling to New Zealand.


Tailored Solutions

A reliable freight forwarder can provide you with a tailored solution for your cargo imports. The freight forwarder should understand your business needs (such as whether you need the goods in five days or five weeks) and the type of goods you are importing (such as fragile cargo). The freight forwarder should provide you with options for the shipping route (do you wish to take the slow journey to save on costs or do you wish to take the express journey and pay more) and modes of transportation that meet your business needs (air express, air cargo or sea freight). 

The freight forwarder should be able to provide you with valuable advice in regard to packaging, documentation, transit times and delays which can minimise your risk exposure. 


Cost Savings

A reliable freight forwarder can help you save costs in many ways; for example, they will be aware of the routes, the transit times, the peak season charges and any delays that you should expect. Freight forwarders can also consolidate your cargo with other cargo so everyone enjoys lower rates. 

Additionally, a freight forwarding service can help you avoid costly mistakes such as incorrect paperwork or insufficient labelling, which could lead to delays or even the loss of your goods.


Risk Management

Importing goods carries risk; the overseas supplier carries a risk, and you also carry a risk; everyone involved in international shipping must mitigate their risks. 

Risks can be mitigated by ensuring the cargo has been insured before departure. If you ship goods internationally and think that your goods will not fall off the vessel, we recommend you Google how many shipping containers fall off vessels en route to their destination.  

An experienced freight forwarder would know the ‘horror stories’ they have heard and seen in their day-to-day experience. 



As an importer in New Zealand, finding a reliable freight forwarder to handle your imports from the port of departure to the port of arrival is important. A reliable freight forwarding service can provide a tailored solution that will meet your business needs, help you maintain costs and minimise the risk of losing your goods or receiving damaged goods. 

A competent freight forwarder would have established relationships with shipping companies, have a comprehensive risk management plan in place and be able to provide valuable advice on the risks that occur at each stage of the logistics journey. 

At the end of the day, you have choices as to who you partner with; when you partner with a freight forwarder who addresses the logistic issues early and attempts to mitigate the risks on your behalf – this is a good partnering solution.