Platinum Freight urges the industry to donate and pledges to match donations of $100+

sleeping-roughOn Thursday 2 July Platinum Freight® Management CEO Peter McRae will sleep rough in Auckland to support the Lifewise Big Sleepout 2015.

He will be adequately dressed. He will be allocated a place to bed for the night. He will be amongst like-minded people. This is not the reality of homelessness in New Zealand, but sleeping out is his very real effort to help make a difference.

Having raised $550 already, he is asking for the support of his industry to help meet his $1500 goal.

Today he pledges to personally match every donation of $100 or more that he receives until he reaches his goal.

Peter McRae, whose business is based in Australia but which has this month opened its doors in New Zealand, is a long supporter of the fight against homelessness:

“Sleeping rough is a shocking and eye-opening experience. We live in a world where homelessness is a real issue for so many people, many younger than myself even. In Auckland alone the figure is as high as 15,000 people and half are under 25. One quarter are children. It is a crying shame.

“If there is any social issue we can help to fix, surely it is giving people safe shelter. I urge our industry to support Lifewise by donating to my profile. Every cent will make a difference.”

Platinum Freight® Management is an independent customs brokerage and freight forwarding specialist which launched in Auckland this month and has been operating nationwide in Australia for 15 years.

Since its inception it has operated a social responsibility program that has continued to grow and today donates 5 to 10% of profits every month to individuals and social welfare organisations. Australian recipients of the program have included Stuart House in Sydney, Salvation Army in Grafton, the One World Futbol Project nationally. New Zealand organisations will also see support from the program as the business grows locally.

The company operates a Green program to incentivize companies importing environmentally friendly goods, and a young entrepreneurs program to help give business people under the age of 25 a boost to start.

McRae urges industry to please donate to support Lifewise at: