Parcels [generally less than say 30 kilograms] which have been sent to New Zealand from overseas can arrive in Aotearoa via one of two ways; 1) with express carriers like DHL and FEDEX or 2) via the postal network.


These two door-to-door express carriers will collect the parcels from your overseas sender and then deliver the parcels to your home or business; they will do everything in between collecting the parcels and delivering the parcels, such as the customs clearance formalities in both countries. 

New Zealand Post Limited [N.Z Post]

When your overseas sender sends your parcels to New Zealand from their local post office, more than likely the parcel will be delivered to you by New Zealand Post. If the parcel is stopped by the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS] for payment of taxes, you will receive a ‘First Notification – Notice Number PXXXXXX from New Zealand Post and they will offer to process the customs clearance on your behalf for $60* plus 1) import duty, 2) import GST and 3) a New Zealand Customs Service entry fee $51.72* 

Once the customs clearance has been completed, New Zealand Post will deliver the package to your home or business.     

You can either allow New Zealand Post to handle this clearance for you or if you prefer you can rely upon Platinum® to process the clearance for you; we generally can complete the customs clearance on the same working day. Once the customs clearance has been completed, New Zealand Post will then deliver the package to your home or business. 

The benefit of selecting Platinum® as your customs broker is that you only need to liaise with your dedicated Platinum® customs broker. The parcel/s can be processed quickly through the NZCS and delivered by N.Z Post days or even weeks earlier than other options. 

The Benefits of Hiring Platinum® as your Customs Broker 

Sending parcels from overseas to New Zealand can be a confusing and time-consuming process. It is often difficult to know where to start or who to trust when it comes to customs clearance

Fortunately, there is help available. Hiring a customs broker like Platinum® can help make the process smoother and easier, saving you time and money in the long run. Let’s take a look at what a Platinum® customs broker can do for you.

What Does A Platinum® Customs Broker Do?

A customs broker is an individual or company that specialises in assisting importers with the customs clearance process that is required for goods imported into Aotearoa. This includes the collating of paperwork such as commercial invoices, packing lists, Free Trade certificates and other documents related to the international movement of goods. 

In addition, a Platinum® customs broker would assist you with any import duties and/or GST that need to be paid on the imported goods; Platinum® would pay these fees on your behalf to the NZCS.

The Benefits of Hiring a Platinum® Customs Broker

When you hire a Platinum® customs broker, you will benefit from having an experienced professional on your side who understands the ins and outs of customs brokering and customs clearance. Depending upon when you rely upon your Platinum® customs broker, your customs broker will be able to address any issues earlier rather than later

Furthermore, your Platinum® customs broker will be able to offer advice and guidance throughout the entire logistics process; your customs broker can liaise with your overseas supplier and yourself together, making sure that the paperwork is correct and that everything can run smoothly and efficiently.

Another major benefit of relying upon a Platinum® customs broker is speed. On most occasions, we are able to have your parcels processed and released on the same day, which will save you time compared with relying upon New Zealand Post’s customs clearance service. This means that you should receive your goods quicker, which in turn means that you can sell your goods sooner. 

Rely upon Platinum®

Relying upon a Platinum® customs broker is the best option when you need to ensure that your parcel/s which have been sent from overseas to New Zealand are processed quickly and without any delays. 

The Platinum® benefits are clear: 1) you’ll save time, 2) you’ll have access to your own dedicated customs broker throughout the process and 3) you should receive your package/s sooner. 

So, if you are looking for an efficient way of having your international packages streamlined through the parcel post system, don’t hesitate to contact Platinum® today.