In today’s global marketplace, businesses of all sizes will need to rely upon air freight imports to move their goods quickly and efficiently. However, navigating the complexities of international air freight can be daunting, especially for those lacking expertise in this field. 

That’s where Platinum® comes in. As a leading air freight import customs clearance service provider, Platinum® offers a range of benefits to help businesses simplify the process and achieve their logistics goals.


Overview of Air Freight Cargo Imports:

Before diving into the specific benefits of working with Platinum® for your air freight cargo imports, it’s important to understand the import process. 

Air freight imports go through several stages, including your overseas supplier arranging the booking, packaging, sending your goods and completing the export clearance before the goods travel as air cargo. On the flip side, you are, in most cases, responsible for arranging the air freight customs clearance in New Zealand, paying the taxes and having the goods collected from the airline terminal as soon as possible to avoid storage costs. 

Platinum® always aims to pre-clear air cargo before the goods arrive in New Zealand; we would clear your goods through the New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS) and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Platinum® can pre-clear your cargo before arrival if you and your overseas supplier are able to provide the paperwork for the cargo before the goods depart from overseas. The airline terminals in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch generally only allow 24 hours before storage commences.

Air New Zealand International Cargo Terminal

3 Ogilvie Crescent, Mangere, Auckland 2022,

Freight Drive, Rongotai, Wellington 6022

1 Ron Guthrey Road, Harewood, Christchurch 8053,

Menzies Aviation International Cargo Terminal

1 Ogilvy Drive
Auckland Airport 2022

Wellington International Airport
Kilbirnie, Wellington

5 Perimeter Road
Christchurch Airport, Christchurch

Each stage of the NZCS and the MPI customs clearance process requires accurate and legible documentation to ensure compliance with the NZCS and MPI Regulations.

The Benefits of Using Platinum Freight Management for Your Air Freight Customs Clearance Imports:

Customised Solutions

One major benefit of working with Platinum® is our honesty in providing you with our industry opinion. For example, Platinum® will assess 1) the kilograms of the cargo, 2) the measurements of your cargo, 3) the value of the goods and 4) the time-sensitivity of your goods; before giving you our honest opinion as to whether the goods may be better suited to travel as express courier air freight, general air cargo or even as sea freight cargo.

We can help your overseas supplier with the documentation to prepare and present when customs clear your cargo through the NZCS and the MPI. This signifies our dedication to you; ensure that your air freight shipment travels smoothly from your overseas supplier’s warehouse to your warehouse.


Expertise and Experience

Platinum® has over 23 years of experience in the air freight customs clearance industry, allowing us to foresee the issues before they occur. We have a team of experienced logistics professionals; Platinum® can add value to your business when you have air cargo shipments; we monitor the shipment to New Zealand, process the cargo through the NZCS, and then arrange for the cargo to reach you.


Competitive Pricing

Coupled with our 23 years of experience and Customs compliance, Platinum® is highly competitive when an air freight shipment requires customs clearance. We understand that the cargo needs to leave the New Zealand cargo terminal quickly; we wish to make sure that you are not paying excessive or unnecessary fees. 


Transparency and Communication

Platinum® understands transparency and communication throughout the air freight cargo journey; sometimes, cargo is offloaded en route to New Zealand; these issues need to be communicated to you early and ongoing.  We keep you informed and updated at every step of the cargo journey, from when your cargo departed from overseas for New Zealand. This level of transparency and communication assists you in feeling confident in the air freight cargo process; so that you yourself can make clear forward decisions.



Working with Platinum® for your air freight cargo imports can simplify your logistics process and also assist your business in receiving your goods quickly, efficiently and affordably. 

Platinum® New Zealand provides customised solutions, extensive expertise, competitive pricing, and a focus on transparency and communication. Platinum® is your air cargo customs clearance partner, which you can trust to handle your air cargo imports.