Sending parcels to New Zealand can sometimes feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially when dealing with customs clearance. It involves understanding the roles and responsibilities of various entities, such as the New Zealand Post and the New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS). 

This article will guide you through this process, providing valuable insights on when and how to use a customs broker, such as Platinum®, to expedite your parcel delivery.


Understanding Parcel Delivery in New Zealand

When you purchase items from overseas under 20 kilograms, your goods will likely arrive as mail or postal articles. If these goods are valued at less than $1000 NZD, you don’t need to worry about hiring a customs broker. The New Zealand Post will deliver the goods to your address or local post office, making the process hassle-free.


The Role of New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post is integral to ensuring that your parcels reach their destination. They handle delivering mail items sent to New Zealand, including commercial parcels. However, it’s important to note that the process changes significantly when the value of goods exceeds $1000 NZD.


What Happens When Parcels Exceed $1000 NZD?

When your goods are valued over $1000 NZD, they will be held at the International Mail Centre in Auckland. You will then receive a letter in the mail notifying you of this. At this point, you must employ a customs broker to clear the parcel/s.

New Zealand Post offers a service to clear the parcel/s for you, charging $60 plus 15% GST. They currently advise that it will take 3-5 business days to process your package/s. However, if you’re looking for a quicker solution, this is where Platinum® comes in.


Choosing a Customs Broker: Platinum®

Platinum® is a trusted customs broker that can process your package/s on the same day. This service is particularly beneficial if you want to customs clear your commercial or business postal articles. All you need to do is upload your invoice [here], and Platinum® will email you a detailed costing.


How Platinum® Can Expedite Your Parcel Delivery

When you rely on Platinum® to customs clear your postal articles, you can receive your goods quicker than any other service provider. This saves you time and ensures a smooth and efficient customs clearance process.



Sending parcels to New Zealand involves several steps, from understanding the role of New Zealand Post to navigating the New Zealand customs clearance process. Whether your goods are valued under or over $1000 NZD, knowing when to employ a customs broker like Platinum® can significantly simplify the procedure. 

By choosing Platinum®, you opt for a faster and more seamless delivery. Remember, when it comes to parcel delivery in New Zealand, Platinum® is here to ensure that your goods reach their destination quickly.