If you’re an importer looking to bring goods into New Zealand, it’s critical to understand all the fees and charges involved to ensure the viability of your imports.

Between customs duties, GST, biosecurity charges, and various permit and licensing costs, the total import shipment fees can add up.

Platinum® is here to provide an overview of all the major fees you can expect to incur when importing goods into New Zealand so you can accurately forecast the total landed cost of your goods and avoid unpleasant surprises.

By being aware of these charges in advance and planning for them, you’ll be in a much better position to negotiate with suppliers, set competitive retail prices, and ensure a good profit margin on your imported goods.

Whenever you import goods to New Zealand, whether it is via mail, air or sea and if the goods are over $1000 NZD, the New Zealand Customs Service [NZCS] charges an Entry Fee [EF] for each customs clearance. This Entry Fee is $79.90 plus $11.99 GST [$91.89].

All New Zealand imports over $1000 NZD are subject to either or both import duty and import GST and this Entry Fee.

New Zealand importers should feel lucky that their Entry Fee is only $91.89.

In comparison, in Australia, all importers who import over $1000 AUD via air freight pay an Import Processing Charge [IPC] of $93 if the goods are under $10,000 AUD and an Import Processing Charge [IPC] of $195 if the goods are over $10,000 AUD.

If the Australian importer imports goods over $1000 AUD via sea freight, the importer will pay an Import Processing Charge [IPC] of $113 if the goods are under $10,000 AUD and an Import Processing Charge [IPC] of $215 if the goods are over $10,000 AUD.

Understanding the fees for importing goods into New Zealand is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade and individuals who frequently purchase goods from overseas. By knowing the various costs involved in the import process, one can make informed decisions and effectively manage their finances.

With the professional assistance of Platinum® Freight Management, the import journey can be simplified and made cost-effective. We offer comprehensive services to streamline the import process, from customs brokerage to freight forwarding. With our expertise and industry knowledge, our team provides peace of mind, ensuring that all import duties and fees are handled efficiently.

So, whether you are a business owner looking to import goods or an individual wanting to purchase products from overseas, don’t hesitate to contact Platinum® Freight Management today. We will guide you through the complexities of importing goods into New Zealand and help you make the most of your international trade endeavours.