Importing FOOTWEAR

At present, importing footwear into Australia can be a complicated process due to Australia’s stringent labelling requirements.

In order to ensure that all imported shoes meet these requirements, many importing companies work closely with compliance experts who have extensive knowledge of Australian labelling Regulations. By partnering with these experts, importing companies are able to streamline the importing process and avoid any delays or issues related to regulatory compliance.

Additionally, importing footwear companies typically engage in rigorous quality assurance programs that carefully evaluate every aspect of their products, from sourcing the materials, designing the footwear, producing the footwear, logistics from overseas to Australia and finally the point of sale.

Overall, importing footwear requires meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the process in order to ensure both regulatory compliance and high-quality products resonate with the end consumer.

Why Choose Platinum® Freight Management To Import Your FOOTWEAR?

There are a number of reasons why Platinum® is the ideal choice if you are looking to import footwear.

Our team of expert customs brokers have years of experience handling import and clearance processes for a wide variety of different styles and compositions of footwear, making us well-versed in the specific Regulations and requirements that relate to importing footwear.

Additionally, our streamlined import management system ensures that your shipments can be tracked every step of the way, minimising [as best as possible] the risk of delays or costly errors.

Whether you import footwear regularly or are just looking to get started with this process, Platinum® has the expertise and resources necessary to ensure a seamless importation experience.

If you want to import footwear effectively and efficiently, look no further than Platinum Freight Management!

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Types of footwear that we can import?

At Platinum® Freight Management, we can help you import the following types of footwear:


  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Sandals


    Shoes are an essential part of any wardrobe, providing protection and style you’re your customer’s feet. However, some customers are unable to find the right kind of shoes in Australia, leading them to rely upon importers to import footwear from other countries. 

    Whether you wish to purchase and establish your niche brand or import casual or sports shoes; importing shoes has become a great way to establish and develop your brand.



    When it comes to importing footwear, nothing is more important than boots. Whether you wish to import rugged outdoor boots for hiking or protective work boots for the workplace, importing boots from overseas can ensure that you have the perfect pair for your end customer. 

    In addition to needing to be of high-quality and durable, importing boots also has the advantage of being more cost-effective when you import in bulk.



    Sandals are an important part of any summer wardrobe, offering a lightweight and comfortable option for walking and exploring outdoors. However, importing sandals can be a challenge, as certain factors must be considered in order to ensure that they arrive in Australia at the right time.

    Importing footwear for summer usually requires the footwear to arrive into Australia a few months before the season commences. There is nothing worse than having all of the advertising and publicity undertaken and then having issues with the shoes arriving late. 

    You would need to work closely with your manufacturers to make sure that all of the labelling requirements are correct and that your transportation company will have your footwear arrive in good time. Having your customs broker involved in the process early, will allow foreseen issues to be eliminated.

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    With over 22 years of experience in the industry, we know everything there is to know about importing footwear into Australia. Our team of experts are well-versed in all of the intricacies and Regulations governing this type of importation, so you can trust that your shipments will move through the supply chain with ease.


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    Frequently Asked Questions About
    Importing Footwear

    Can I import footwear into Australia?

    Importing footwear into Australia is generally hassle free except in the cases of footwear that contains, wood, cork, exotic skins or feathers. If you plan to import this type of footwear, you should liase with a customs broker very early in the process. All footwear needs to be labelled in English to state the upper materials, the sole materials, the country of origin and must be affixed to the footwear.

    What type of footwear cannot be brought into Australia?

    If you plan to import footwear that is made from wood, cork, exotic skins or feathers, you will need to liase with your customs broker early in the process as some footwear will require permits from the exporting country and also permits from Australia before the footwear arrives into Australia.

    What do you need when importing footwear to Australia?

    There are three important people that work together when importing your footwear to Australia; 1) your supplier, 2) your customs broker and 3) yourself. The three will work together to make the process hassle free.

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